Welcome to Datasharp Integrated Communications – a premier member of the Datasharp Group of companies. You’re here either because you’re an existing client, because someone has recommended us to you or you’ve been searching for a communications company you can work with and trust. Datasharp is that company.

Since 1980 Datasharp has built its reputation on supplying clients with exactly the communications package they need to carry their businesses forward. We offer industry leading technology and systems that are cutting edge yet proven, feature packed yet dependable, efficient, designed for purpose and cost effective.

But it’s much more than that. Above all it’s about relationship. We thrive on and value the reciprocal partnerships that develop between us and our clients as we support them and they learn to trust us implicitly. It’s what makes us tick…

With Datasharp you get industry leading technology backed by award winning service. It’s an irresistible combination!

Latest News

Top 5 Tips to maximise your conference calls

Conference calls can be one of the most valuable communication tools in business. Saving companies from unnecessary travel and redundant conversations, conference calls are an easy way to provide a big boost to productivity on a day-to-day basis–if everyone is paying attention, and is engaged and behaving appropriately. As pointed out in the hilarious video… Read More »

Post on: July 8, 2014

Helping to prevent Phone Hacking

A growing problem within the industry is that of unauthorised calls being made by third parties via “business communications”, a practice commonly referred to as “Hacking” or “Phreaking”. The risk of phone hacking is low – however, these incidents can result in extremely high costs. In such cases many of the calls made are to… Read More »

Post on: June 12, 2014

Is your wireless network letting you down?

It’s quite often the case that we upgrade our internet circuit, get great speeds but we don’t feel the benefit in our office mobile devices. Why is that? We previously touched on the importance of making sure you have a good quality, correctly programmed router, as this can make a world of difference to your internet speeds.… Read More »

Post on: June 3, 2014

Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN) & Revenue Share Numbers: UK Legislation Changes

On the 13th June 2014 it will be against the law for UK businesses to force existing consumer customers to use NGN revenue share numbers. Businesses will have to provide a telephone number that charges basic (local) rate or less for them to call. The Background The Consumer Rights Directive (CRD) was passed by the EU… Read More »

Post on: May 28, 2014