Welcome to Datasharp Integrated Communications – a premier member of the Datasharp Group of companies. You’re here either because you’re an existing client, because someone has recommended us to you or you’ve been searching for a communications company you can work with and trust. Datasharp is that company.

Since 1980 Datasharp has built its reputation on supplying clients with exactly the communications package they need to carry their businesses forward. We offer industry leading technology and systems that are cutting edge yet proven, feature packed yet dependable, efficient, designed for purpose and cost effective.

But it’s much more than that. Above all it’s about relationship. We thrive on and value the reciprocal partnerships that develop between us and our clients as we support them and they learn to trust us implicitly. It’s what makes us tick…

With Datasharp you get industry leading technology backed by award winning service. It’s an irresistible combination!

Latest News

How do you design a multi-channel contact centre strategy

How do you choose your channels?: There has been a revolution in the way customers want to interact with businesses, causing a fundamental shift in customer behaviour.  You can no longer rely on customers dialling your number when they have a problem and talking to a customer service agent.  There are hundreds of ways they… Read More »

Post on: November 24, 2014

What’s up with WiFi

Just lately I have found myself getting really fussy about the quality and availability of Wi-Fi. I also realise that I actually base business choices on that perception. So what do I mean? Well, there are a bunch of Wi-Fi things which really annoy me: When sitting in a coffee shop trying to register for… Read More »

Post on: November 10, 2014

ShoreTel Mobility iOS 8 compatibility

When ShoreTel launched ShoreTel Mobility 8, we told you we hadn’t seen any problems with the new Apple iOS 8 developers platform we were testing. And now that iOS 8 is generally available and being installed by the masses, we wanted to definitively let you know that ShoreTel Mobility supports latest version of Apple operating… Read More »

Post on: October 26, 2014

ShoreTel Mobility Pro Tips: 5 Things to Make Mobility Work Better for You

Here are Datasharp’s top five Pro Tips: Reverse Dial Reverse dial takes an outbound call and makes it an inbound call.  A call on your mobile, the ShoreTel Mobility Router stores that information, calls back, then calls you on your mobile and automatically it connects. So why would you need to do this? Mobile services… Read More »

Post on: October 6, 2014